Since its formation in 1990, Persianas has grown in size and stature to become one of the leading retail, commercial and residential development and management groups in Nigeria. Our values of insight, respect, sustainability, business prudence and good corporate citizenship provide the foundations that inform our thinking and guide our activities. Our commitment is to strive for excellence in all that we do.

Overview of corporate governance

Knowledge of the Nigerian marketplace, social and economic research, and the experience gained from owning and operating a growing portfolio of properties gives us enormous insight into the way customers, suppliers and partners behave. It enables us to define property solutions that meet the needs and wants of all our stakeholders.

We treat everyone fairly and equally. At Persianas, we have respect for the individual and listen to different points of view with an open mind. We behave honourably at all times and seek to balance business imperatives with care for people and communities.

Persianas has a long-term perspective. Our developments must be commercially viable and so we listen to the opinions of our partners, tenants and suppliers. Equally, we care for communities and the local environment and create destinations that people are proud of and want to visit, shop, work and live in.

Business prudence
Persianas is committed to good corporate governance. We manage our business to the highest legal, financial and administrative standards and act responsibly and honourably in all our dealings.

Corporate citizenship
To protect people and communities, we apply safety, health, environment and security regimes of the highest standards. Our commitment is that Persianas shall be a good corporate citizen in all we do, wherever we do it.